Google’s “About this result” feature has been around for a while, providing users with basic information about a website’s ownership and purpose. But as of yesterday, Google has announced plans to expand the feature to include information about the authors responsible for creating the content.

This is a significant development that will help businesses build trust with their potential customers. By providing more transparency about the individuals behind the content, companies can demonstrate their expertise and experience, establishing credibility and building trust.

Establishing trust with potential customers is critical in today’s digital age, where fraudulent websites and fake news are all too familiar. Google’s expanded feature will give users even more information about the websites they visit, allowing them to make informed decisions about whether to trust the data presented.

For businesses, this development underscores the importance of providing comprehensive information about their organization and the individuals behind the content. By doing so, they can establish credibility and differentiate themselves from less reputable sources.

In conclusion, Google’s expanded “About this result” feature is a welcome development for businesses and users. Providing more transparency and information will help build trust and ensure that users can make informed decisions when browsing the web. Companies should take note of this development and ensure that their “About Us” page provides comprehensive information about their organization and the individuals responsible for creating their content.