Data-Driven Strategic Digital Marketer

I’m Asif, a Data-Driven Strategic Digital Marketer. Along with the International Business Administration Master ( focus in Digital Marketing & E-commerce), I have certifications from Google and Harvard University regarding Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.

Although My Full Name is Asif Ikbal Bhuiya, I’m known as “BhuiySab”, “Asif Ikbal”, “Asif Bhuiya” online. Over the last twelve years, I have gained experience through the Journey Marketing to Digital Marketing by acting in different professional roles in Germany and WorldWide.
My Master, Professional Certification, and learning by doing action make me a Professional Digital Marketing Expert in Germany.

Journey of Data-Driven Strategic Digital Marketer

In the past 12 years, I acquired a solid understanding of new digital business development, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Marketing analytics and Social Media Marketing through different Positions and Projects. My experiences are across multiple online marketing departments where I always focused on integrating all the Channels and give the right user experience.

Knowing how different online marketing faculties work and fit together, gives me the overall picture. Through that, I can always choose the right strategy and tactics to successfully reach the business goals.

Working in globally active companies ( Ringfeder Power Transmission Gmbh, CLS Germany, Hot & Spicy Food and Letsgo Online ) in the past years, gave me an insight into how users behave based on countries, regions and continents. Based on this, I am able to down-size global strategies to local ones for a higher impact.

The multicultural working environment which I enjoyed from the beginning, has made me to develop the right skills to motivate and lead a team from different countries and cultures.



My Skill & Knowledge

Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin

Shopify, Magento, EPI Commerce

Google Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, Matomo Analytics

WordPress, Typo 3, EPI Server