To get your website high search engine ranks, you must have to create quality inbound links to related, quality page contents. You have to analysis correctly your competitor and try to find out which link they create and from where they got links. Analysing your competitor will help you get a higher ranking faster. Ranking a website is a project work , it will not come in a day.

To become a top rank in Google search engine with your selected keyword ,  You have to done your all activities simultaneously as like :  Link building, Directory submission, forum posting etc.

Now come to our focus point Directory submission. Directory submission is the process of listing your site to various directories or databases under the correct category or sub category. Be sure to submit your site under the most appropriate category to take the full advantage of website directory submission.

Benefits of Directory submission: 

*Get quality and safe backlinks

*Getting massive exposure

*Chances of getting review requests or paid post opportunities

*Increase in website’s overall earnings

I am sure right now , you are searching a list to promote your website by directory submission? So it’s a best acquire for you. I collected a free directory submission site list that increases your off page SEO. Here a list of 200+ websites as a free directory submission site. Try this list to submit your website.

The list is below-


With patience try to submit your blog or website in these directories. We hope, it will be helpful for ranking your website.

Caution :

  1. Do not submit your site to the wrong category in lieu of lucrative listings and earning opportunities.
  2. Submit your site to the most accurate sub category.
  3. Do not spam a directory.
  4. Do not provide wrong physical address or blog stats.
  5. Do not prefer submitting to a site that requires reciprocal link back or banners on your site. Having badges and sitewide linkbacks to the directories may harm your site’s SEO score. So stay safe.

**** We will update this list timely . Being with us and explore online with Letsgo Online.


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