Being successful in anything you must have a specific goal.

Are you really want to work hard?

And be ready to learn form mistake?

Then Yes you are ready to start e-commerce.


Tip 1# In e-commerce, your goal should be “Smart” = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.

Tip 2# Reinvest your profit in Advertisement.

Tip 3# Use all type of advertise channel to discover reaction of your customer. Your budget could be very little. It’s not about the budget,  Its about measuring your right advertise channel.

Tip 4#Always remember e-commerce you can learn only by doing.

Tip 5#Just start your first e-commerce store by doing these easy 3 steps :

  1. Pick a product
  2. Launch Store
  3. Create Ads

***  If you fail don’t worry just think you invest to earn experience.

*** To Understand tip 5 follow my blog for the next post.




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